Let 2018 be your Happy Year.

31st December, 2017 was special; It was the weekend, the month end and they year end. Another year gone, 365 days around the sun and we welcome 2018.

A new year, isn’t it wonderful that every 365 days all of us get a chance to start all over again. We are gifted a year with absolutely no mistakes in it. 

Today, I am giving up or rather letting go the urge to make resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for change. Resolutions, the thought of making them is the first step towards that change. The question is why wait till the end of the year?  So, my first resolution for 2018 is to not make any resolutions and celebrate each day as if that’s the best thing that happened to me. I believe in Pronoia and I want to celebrate that more.

2017 was turbulent to say the least. I chanted Pronoia, Pronoia ample times and yes that got me through. Thus, Pronoia celebration gets amped up in 2018. Keep the faith and the belief.

2016-2017 were two years of deep reflection for me. As I edge towards my half life, I had to ask myself some pointed questions and all were centered around choosing happiness.

How do we choose happiness? Isn’t that what we all want? Money can’t buy it. They say it’s within us, but how do we find it?

Here’s what I did. 

I decided to remove anyone that brought negativity into my life. 
I chose to prioritize the people over things in my life. 
I went through a rather aggressive “de junk” my home and my closets. Less is more, is slowly creeping into my life. 
I am learning to accept people in all their faults.
I continued to work hard to be unfuckwithable
I asked myself: Where do I see myself post 50? Interestingly, I found myself repeatedly surround by kids. I realized despite the hair pulling moments, I love hanging out with kids more than I like hanging out with adults. So in my search for Career Part 2, instead of drilling myself to look for a job that grinds me, I chose to forego the exciting lucrative corporate careers, and  I started my journey into the world of education. I have to admit being in a school was the right choice because I see kindness and compassion every day. I can’t say that about many other careers.

Ask yourself, Does your job make you happy? When you love your work, then you never have to work in your life. 

The combination of all of the above  has made me saner, sanity brings calm and calmness brings in the happy. 

Happiness fact; it comes and goes. Happiness cannot be locked in a box. We will always puruse happiness and maybe that’s how it’s meant to be, for if happiness could be trapped, then sorrow could be traded. 

Declutter, Believe and Be Unfuckwithable for a Happy You.

In 2018, I wish you happiness.

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